Vet Games

Nobody can resist helping an animal that is sick.

These free vet games online let you look after every kind of animal there is (almost).

There are also some great veterinary games to download and play for free.

Pet Vet Games

Dr Daisy Pet Vet
Dr Joe
Vet Set Go
Dr Bulldog Pet Hospital

Veterinary  Nurse Games

Veterinary Girl
Puppy Center
My Cute Pets

Animal Care Games

Doggy Day Care
Pet Grooming Studio
Net Pet
Build a Habitat
Farm Frenzy

Free Download Vet Games
Not everybody likes downloading demo games but the vet games with links below are good value. You only get one hour of play with each one but if you get them all that is a lot of play. You will also be surprised just how much fun you have and how much you will learn about what a vet really does as part of the job.

A few of the games available:
  • Paws and Claws
  • Legacy Vet Games
  • Pet Pals Animal Dotor
  • Pet Vet
  • Petz
Find out about these games here: free download vet games

Just for Fun Animal Games
Dog Couple Dress Up
Dogs at the Vets
Lovely Kitty
Kitten Maker

Ever thought about Becoming a Vet?

There are 42,000 veterinarians in the US. Some look after pets (or companion animals), some look after livestock, some research new treatments or medications for animals.

The kinds of things you need to do as a veterinarian:

  • Diagnose an animal's problem- animals cannot talk so you need good eyes, ears and even a good nose, to work out what is wrong.
  • Perform surgery.
  • Give vaccinations
  • Help out at births- especially with horses and cows.

If you want to be a vet you need some qualifications. It takes a long time- four years of study in vet school after you have been to college but it is a great life. You also make a lot of money (never a bad thing!).

Kinds of Veterinary Game

Zoo Vet form Legacy Games was the first really popular veterinary game. It has a lot of game play that includes examining a sick animal for symptoms, monitoring vital signs, prescribing medication and performing animal surgery.

There are now many other similar games in the Legacy Games veterinary series like Farm Vet and Vet Emergency.

Afterwards, other game series appeared like Paws and Claws and Petz.

Most of these games can be found for PC or Wii and are great for kids.